im a 26 year old maldvian who is trying to find a solution for my head problem im having a problem with my head and dont know whats the problem.. i once had a sneeze and something happend to right side of my head, i felt like vein misplace. and i felt something went wrong then i shook my head to get it right but it didnt change. and after 3 mins or so.. i felt cold and felt like falling and had few scary blackouts and i was sweating very much..

i felt like i was dying After that im having this burning sensation in my head and it effects my eyes and my body. my eyes get red and burning and i get warm when it happens and its effecting my life ..

sneezing after that dosnt do anything worng.. it was just that particular sneeze that made the damage or anything..

i have gone to india trivandrum and had an MRI scan and report came normal and the medicine they gave didn't help me.. n i have also gone to srilanka and they also referred to the same MRI and said there was no problem and i had an EEG test there which also came normal.

when i searched the actual position that happend, i found out from the internet that the nerves in that area are occipital nerves. maybe something happend to those nerves.

before the burning was in the right side of the head but now i feel the burning at the top of my head and when it happens i feel sensitive when i touch the head. And sometimes i feel some signal from the acctual postion it happend, i feel the nerve i guess.

i have shown to many neurologists now but haven't had a solution, some says that it maybe because im thinking about it too much. but i dont agree with that.. because really it effects my whole body when that happens..


i will be very thankful if you can help me with this case.. im really struggling to find a solution for my problem. my life has been changed ever since that sneeze.