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It's been a month since my surgery and I feel much worse. Hypercalcemia is making me exhausted and confused. Calcium level has increased to 11.1 at last lab test, and PTH gone up 20 pts. Anyone have any similar experience ( I have hyperplasia.)


What is your physician or surgeon doing about your hypercalcaemia post-surgery?  Your calcium lab level looks to be a bit elevated; has the doctor recommended anything for it or just to keep doing what you are doing? With the surgery, PTH levels should be back to normal.  I would think the doctor would have some concern about the PTH.  I am presuming that you mean that the PTH level is elevated over the normal lab value.  I hope that the PTH level isn’t rising because that may mean something is causing it to rise along with the serum calcium.  I would demand the doctor have a look at the lab values and explain to him that you are not feeling right.