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I have had high blood calcium for a year. My PTH comes back normal every time. My doctor wants to do scans to check for a malignancy in bones, etc. Is that needed? I don't have any symptoms except pain in back and hip joint, but I am 59 years old with ostepenia.


If that is what the doctor wants to do (scan for malignancy in bones), then yes, it is necessary.

For the record, hypercalcemia is almost always (98% or better) caused by parathyroid disease and hyperparathyroidism. Cancer as the cause IS EXTREMELY RARE.

Besides parathyroid disease, the following can also cause hypercalcemia:
1. Sarcoidosis, an auto immune disease
2. Excess Vitamin D Intake - this is also extremely rare, so fare in fact, that is almost never seen in real life.
3. Diuretics such as hydrochlorothyazide - certain drugs that people are prescribed for high blood pressure have an effect on the kidney in such a way that the kidney doesn't let enough calcium escape the blood into the urine... and the excess calcium shows up as a high blood calcium test.
4. Milk-Alkali Syndrome - a phenomenon that occurs when a patient has a stomach ulcer and they self treat it by taking lots of antacids and drinking lots of milk.
5. Paget's Disease (osteitis deformans) - a chronic skeletal disorder that often results in enlarged or deformed bones in one or more regions of the skeleton. Excessive bone breakdown and formation can result in bone, which is dense but fragile. This continued bone breakdown can be a cause of hypercalcemia (too much calcium in the bone). It is extremely uncommon for Paget's disease to be diagnosed after a patient had a routine blood test that showed a high calcium level.