I am a complete ice addict. I love the ice chips that most hospitals have (crunch ice). Every time I turn around somebody is telling me what's wrong with me and the reason I'm eating ice is because of an iron deficiency or lack of sex or some other crazy reasons. I eat ice because I love to eat ice. It started when I was a newborn and my aunt gave me itty bitty pieces of ice. I have been eating it ever since. Now, I'm 32 and have been carrying a 64 oz jug of ice around with me for the past 8 years everywhere I go; and when one runs out I have a backup jug in my car or somewhere close around. I fill them both at the gas station at least twice a day. Sometimes I'll buy a 20 lb bag of ice but not often. My boyfriend hates the sound of crunching ice.... needless to say who stayed... I still chew my ice. lol But, something a co worker told me disturbed me recently. He said 4 years ago his wife died from intestinal problems and all he knows is that she ate at least 3 pounds of ice a day. So, I need to know is it possible to die from eating too much ice?