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Hello everyone, this is my first post so go easy on me.

I started working out about 5 months ago (when it wasn't 4 degrees outside!) at the local YMCA.

I usually just wear shorts and a T-Shirt when I run (on the treadmill or the elliptical) but I see alot of people with those sort of lycra/stretch pants working out there as well (and of course running outside).

The problem is that I basically know absolutely nothing about "pants" for running/working out in! I am a guy 5'7 around 148 and I just want something that is not loose (like nylon warm up pants or sweatpants) that I can run in and work out in.

But, as I said, I have no clue how this "setup" works. I guess it's kind of embarrassing but do you just buy running tights? Do you wear shorts over the tights? Do you wear socks? (see how clueless I am!) Do you wear underwear under the tights? Are there special tights that function as sort of an all-in-one pant (I have soccer shorts that have built in underwear)?

Basically I do't want to look like an id**t or draw attention to myself (or any "pieces" of myself) but I don't want to wear shorts, sweats, or nylon warm-ups.

So I guess my basic question is what should I buy and what "items" would I wear?

Thanks for any advice you can give!


Hey Iron! You came to the right place 8)

The combo I go with is running tights with 'moisture wicking' underwear underneath. Nothing is going to chill your butt quicker than wearing damp cotton under the tights. And for temps down to about 10f degrees, I'm good to go. Then for single digits, below zero or even when it's windy, I'll put a pair of windpants over the tights. Tights by themselves are pretty tough to get good warmth out of when it gets real cold and the nylon windpant does wonders at keeping the wind off. I have a pair of Frank Shorter 'whisper' windpants that don't have the swish-swish of running in normal nylon.. worth the few extra bucks. And as for tights, I really like the couple pair of dri-fit Nike tights I picked up this year. As for socks, yep, you'll need socks with running tights, there's no 'feet' in them ;)


Pearl Izumi makes a Therma Fleece tight. Granted, this is a cycling tight, but you can get it without the chamois (padding). The lining makes them very toasty. These are definitely not for indoor use. The fit will be about the same as a running tight (snug and supportive) and I think they have reflective detailing, which is nice.



Tights are definetly for the outside part of your program. Wearing them inside will oveheat you.

There are two basic types of tights out there:

Unlined and lined.

Unlined are fine for temps down to about 20ish. Colder than that you will either need the lined or some sort of long johns outfit. I just bought a pair of Under Armor "Cold Gear" to wear under my tights.

Lined tights have a sort of fleece backing and are great for temps in the 20's to the teens. Colder than that you'll need the Cold Gear as another layer.

Yes you will need some sort of wicking (read non cotton) undies. Wal Mart has "Sports Authority" spandex boxers that fit the bill for about $ 9.00.

Wearing shorts over the tights is sort of "over the top" in my book. Your call.

Best socks for winter running are the Thorlo Crew length wool socks. Why Crew Length ? Because otherwise there's a gap between the end of the tights and your running shoes.

In my book "under Armor" cold gear it the best for winter running. Only drawback is, its expensive. Its worth every penny.



I dislike tights.

I run in Sporthill Nomad pants. They aren't big and billowy like a pair of wind pants or sweats... They look a bit better on most people than tights, which are kind of unforgiving. And they don't embarrass you if you need to run into Walmart after a run. Stylish.



Just move farther south and then you don't have to worry about it!!!! :P :D :P :D

I have a pair of tights that I wear when it gets in the thirties down here and if I am up in NJ for a winter vacation. The rest of the advice already given pretty much says what I would have said.