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Hello, I need help recently my lower left abdomen has felt really hard to the touch but numb at the same time, family and friends have noticed and think I'm pregnant. Doctors say I'm not pregnant but can't seem to find what's wrong. I get random shooting pains from my lower abdomen to my left breast usually lasts about 5-10 minutes my tummy keeps swelling up it's getting tighter, I'm finding it difficult to pass my bowls and I'm frequently going to the toilet, I get a pulling and what feels like miscellaneous being tugged, I get incredibly painful pains in my lower back and my periods are regular but I only come on for 1-2 days max they are really light pink sometimes brown and don't last very long. I constantly feel tired and sick also heavy when I stand if it's not pregnancy I can't think of anything it could be? Can anyone help me will really appreciate it thankyou.


Hello Hunnie,

have you seen a gynecologist or just a family physician? I'd recommend you to see a gynecologist and get an ultrasound of your lower abdomen - that way gyn will be able to see what is happening with your ovaries and uterus. That's important because the symptoms you describe are almost identical to what my sister was experiencing before they finally figured out it's an ovarian cyst. When they discovered it, it was a size of a golf ball - no wander she had situations where it hurt so much that ER trips were becoming regular for her. And all the intestinal problems you're having, from bloating to constipation, they can all be caused by cyst putting the pressure to other organs. So, if you can, visiting a gyno would be the best option,

Wish you all the best,