okay so i went to the doctor because i was in a panic, i went to go get what the doctor called a "swollen" gland i had for a year checked out, along with a "throat infection", When i first thought i had lymphoma i had night sweats, when i started getting stressed about it, and then the other night i woke up a little damp, not soaked but damp, i was on a leather coached, so i think i would have been sleeping in sweat if i was drenched. but i forgot to tell the doctor about the night sweats, but even if so its seems logical, swollen gland that went unchecked for a year(to be dismissed), Throat Infection, Night Sweats From Stress, now slight dampness, if its any use when i had night sweat the first time i couldent sleep well, being soaked, ummm and this was the same head, and shoulders but it was just damp.