I am 51 years old. I have had a few moderate night sweats over the last several years,but never like this.I suffered from bacterail pnemonia in late dec.of 2007.I was in the icu on a vent for 7 days,then after not responding to the antibotics I under went surgery to remove caked on pnemonia on my left lung.They took the lung out to scrap it.I was on the vent for two more weeks.Once I was home the big sweats and chills came.In the day they come sudden and leave my head wet,then with a snap of a finger I am having chills.I go back to normal then,and with in an hour its back again.This goes on all night long.I have a fan at my bed side and all night I am either removing covers or covering up, moving the fan towards me or away from me.when I say sweat I mean I get wet all over.I change our sheets every two or three days.I even get up and change my bed clothes during the night.If this is hormonal why did it come on so suddenly? I have an enlarged spleen so I just found out by a ct scan.Could it be coming from this?(the sweatsand chills)