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I am trying to find something that can help me lose my weight because I am really fat and desperate. My friend suggested me try duromine weight loss pills, because according to her, they are great.

But, I also have on vice more. I love to go out on the weekends, and I drink alcohol. I love to drink alcohol because it makes me feel relaxed, I forget how unhappy I am.

So, can I drink alcohol if you are on duromine weight loss pills? Can you tell me what to do?

Give me some advice, because I really need some help.




You are struggling with your weight, and still you are drinking alcohol? Do you know that alcohol also help you gain your weight? Every alcohol drink is caloric, but still you are drinking it? That is one more mistake.

Yes, duromine can help you lose weight, but once again no alcohol, because you can harm your body, organism, health. Are you aware? Because you need to be aware, it is dangerous.

Avoid alcohol in any case, maybe it can help you feel good for an hour or two, but that is all.

You can’t drink duromine and alcohol, you can drink alcohol if you have a lot of extra pounds.



Of course – you can’t!

It is extremely dangerous, and you should know that as well. I mean, I think that you already know that, but for some reason, you don’t want to know that.

I know how you feel, trust me I’ve been in same situation a few years ago, but I stopped to pity myself for that, and I have decided to take an action.

I started to practice, I started to eat healthy and I have lost some pounds. I have more to lost, but I am not that overweight.

The most important thing, I cut out all alcohol. You should do that as well and stop thinking about those crazy ideas to drink alcohol while you are using some diet pills.