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Hi all !! 

 I am 30 years old and recently I’ve been told I need to lose some weight. When it comes to physical appearance I think I look great. And I definitely feel good. I don’t think I need to lose any weight, but as it turns out, my doctor thinks I must lose at least 40 ponds asap.  

Anyway, I am about to buy Proactol Plus. That is some kind of weight loss supplement that my brother was using when he needed to lose weight. 

Does anyone here know how fast can one lose weight with that supplement ? 


Hello Miss Marple.

Forty pounds is a lot of extra weight. You might look good, but there are much more important things in life than just looking good. Like your health for example. You really need to lose those pounds if you want to remain healthy.

Now when it comes to your method of losing them, I am not so sure you  made the right choice. There are plenty of people who tried this product and weren’t satisfied at all.

The company says that with Proactol you can lose 2 to 3 pounds weekly.  I don’t think that’s true.  Maybe 2-3 pounds monthly though.



Hello, hello. You are talking about Proactol Plus weight loss supplement so here I am. 

I’ve used this product for quite some time. 


 I was supposed to lose 25 pounds with it till May. I started using it in February.  

 I really had my hopes high for this product since this girl told me she had lost 40 pounds with it in only two and a half months. 


Unfortunately it didn’t work so well for me.  Actually it barely worked at all. I lost less than 10 pounds in 3 months.

A very disappointing experience, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. 



I have almost the same experience as SabrinaD. But first let me tell you what the results are supposed to be with this product. You are supposed to be losing two to five pounds weekly with it, so that means you should be losing 9- 22 pounds per month. My experience is telling me that losing 22 or even 9 pounds per month with Proactol is just impossible. I did everything as I’ve been told and I was losing half pound per week.  Sometimes half pound per two weeks. It was disappointing for me too and I also wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.