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ok ive been out of the hospital for a week now from falling on my head from a car accident i think the doctor said it may be fractured but i didnt have any surgery i was jus wondering can i continue to smoke weed or will it affect my head



 THC does cause some blood to move to the head, that's part of feeling you get when high. I've never heard or read any study that suggests cannabis and head trauma have any negative connection. If anything, i'd think it would help your pain for the time being. I would ask your doctor about it anyway, but make sure he can backup what he tells you before you stop or start anything.  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** It also cures glaucoma because of the way it allows blood to travel through the head. 

You should be just fine. Take good care of that injury. Consume responsibly.
Hope you feel better.