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Hi guys,

Wandering you could help, I'm recently trying to move from school to college, and I've got a fair few people trying to stop me from going. I have been getting these symptoms for two weeks now:

Migraine - it lasts until I have to take some of my nans cocodamal
Waking up at night - even after taking cocodamal which normally knocks me out for ages but now only lasts maybe two hours.
Stomach pains - I'm getting like sickness pains before I go to sleep and after I wake up
Almost blacking out - This is something that has only happened a few days ago I've almost blacked out a few times now and almost fell into a tv.
I've read another topic and someone suggested stress which I may agree but the symptoms the author had said were slightly different in a majorly different situation.
Please help A.S.A.P


I think it is fair to ask why you say that people are trying to stop you, and by what means, and for what reason.

You clearly have symptoms of some sort, which could indeed be acute stress, but I have to wonder whether the stress - if it is that - is in relation to your going to college, to the reaction to other people preventing you, or to some third cause or medical condition, which for the 'others' is a sufficient cause of concern, that they wish to delay or prevent your move.

Waking up at night is not in itself a medical condition.

Never sleeping is, but that is rare in the extreme, and associated with brain damage, which I trust is not the case here.

Anywhere between two hours to eight hours is perfectly normal, though sleep requirements tend to reduce with age.

If you are under 18, then it would certainly be relevant to understand your parents' position on this, and even over 18 for that matter - they do not stop being 'informed' just because you reach majority (assuming you are in the US, UK or Canada, and 18 is the appropriate age for majority where you live).

It is one thing to be nervous about going to college.

Taking drugs to knock yourself out, stomach pains (chronic), blacking out (almost) - these seem to be rather more severe than simple nervousness, and almost fallin into a TV at home translating into almost falling into a car at college could turn out to be less than ideal, to say the least.

I have to say that I think you would be well advised to follow this up properly, with a local doctor, being frank and open about all the circumstances.

No one can stop you going to college (if you are over 18), and no one would reasonably want to, under normal circumstances, as it is a step up to a more secure future, but whoever is attempting to do so may feel they have genuine concerns for your ability to cope with college, which the strength of your symptoms certainly lends credence to.

The only really way to ensure your well-being and capability to attend college is to check in with a professional, so go check out your local doctor, and see what he / she has to say.