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I've recently recovered from anorexia (I exercised my way down to 85 lbs and I'm 5"7) but I've picked up the habit of chewing and spitting out foods to cope with stress. I'm not hungry it just sort of numbs me. What are the medical consequences of this addiction, and most important how can I stop?! Any ideas?! Please please please help!!!


First, congratulations on your recovery from anorexia, most who suffer from that don’t even manage to get this far. But, chewing and spitting out foods is as big problem, or it might grow to become one, as anorexia was!

The consequences it has on your body it has are the same as anorexia: you are not getting any nutrients, vitamins or proteins that your body needs to function properly and if you continue your exercise routines, you might end up with severe vitamin deficiency or anemia.
But, as you said yourself, you start to do this only when you are under stress or anxious. So, there is where the root of all of this is: you need to address these core problems, with a help of professional.