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umm.. a day ago i had protected oral sex and fingering was involved, nearly at the end he took off the condom and come onto my boobs, but he wiped it off immediately with a towel, he didn't really touch me after that. I know it sounds stupid but can i get pregnant after this? I have signs of menstruation right now so i might bleed tomorrow so does this mean anything in anyway?

by the way, there was no penetration...

please answer
thank you =]


Of course not. By the way, how old are you? I suggest you educate yourself a little bit before you continue to mess around. There is only one way to get pregnant (well, the right way anyway) Penis has to go into the vagina or within extremly close proximity (that's iffy) Ejaculation (cum) must take place and you have to be within ovulation range. You should consider getting some birth control.