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So me and my boyfriend, been together for almost 9months, and we always have protected sex with condoms and we are always careful. Anyway last night we had sex and we used a condom and he cummed inside the condom, and then we didnt do anything sexual for about 10-15mins, and no he did not urinate or nothing afterwards as i hear it clears the passage way of left over sperm, but he did wipe any cum off with a towel, anyway, and then we began getting all touchy and his penis was close to the entrance of my vagina, but it did not go in! although im paranoid that his pre-cum touched the entrance or outside of my vagina and then about 5 minutes after he fingered me, im really worried that i could get pregnant! He told me himself he did not put it in, as i would of felt it, and i did not feel his private part right in mine. I just finished my period 5 days ago, but my period is very irregular, and im not fertile yet till the 13th - 18th. Im only 17, and plan b isn't really an option for me :/ ! Please help, i really am stressing out and would appreciate any help at all!


Your chances of pregnancy occurring are VERY low, it is not near your fertile time at all and you would need the perfect window in your cervix for pregnancy to happen, as you would only need one sperm.  Sperm can survive 5 days in your cervix but eggs only 2 so you will be fine, just don't do it again until after your period - remember stress can delay a period so just relax and don't overthink this or you will delay your period.  Hope this helps