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My husband and I have been married for over 20 years... as are both 38 yrs old. We are free from disease and do not take drugs and have no health problems whatsoever. 

After enjoying a normal sex life all these years, within the past 6 months there has been a strange turn of events.

He is unable to ejaculate through sexual intercourse or masturbation... or anything else. Everything else works perfectly fine, he is easy to get aroused, gets an erection and keeps it for as long as he wants. In fact when we have sexual intercourse which carries from oral, vaginal, anal and other play... he stays erect the entire time and we can have fun literally all night. But he never ejaculates... he says he feels he wants to, has the desire to, in fact even gives him self a little cheerleader cheer to help get things flowing, but no matter what we try, he can not ejaculate. We have tried relaxation techniques, finding kinks to help push him over the edge, porn and such does not work, teasing etc etc.

For the most part we are both extremely happy, he loves when I must throw in the towel because I simply can not take anymore because it used to be the other way around! After 4 to 6 hours and 15 or more orgasms I must make us stop, but he could go on it seems forever.

Physically his body is the same, he says he does not feel the male orgasm sensations that leads up to and throughout the ejaculation process.... he feels very excited, aroused and ready to fulfill me... in fact I think this "problem" had made him more daring and more turned on... but we both are curious.

Does any one else experience this?? In the last 6 months or more I have helped him ejaculate 2 times and it took a ton of work.

I have read some say it is due to rough or vigorous sex or masturbation... but he has never been into that... I have asked him about masturbation experiences in the past and he says time and time again, he never was too rough with himself as he never needed to be, but since we have been together I have kept him happy enough that masturbation has never been needed since I have always been a willing partner.

We have tested this through solo and mutual masturbation and it did not help... nothing happened. Like I said above we also tried to kink things up via role playing, food, toys, movies, daring public fun etc etc... nothing changes a thing.


We are both happy but simply curious.


Interesting. I'm in this boat myself and was searching for info on it. I've gotten to where I can go for hours, hard the entire time, and my girl cums so many times she winds up completely exhausted and happy, but I have a very tough time coming. She likes the contrast, her last guy was two pump Tim so she's really liking this to a degree, but misses being able to make me cum. I can cum, but not in her or her mouth or during a ha****b, only when I masturbate and even then it's a finely tuned thing to get it right. I do like all the sex but it's amazingly frustrating for obvious reasons lol. I've tried cutting back on masturbating in fact I tried an entire month without and while it led to a noticeably stiffer penis during sex it was no easier to cum. In fact it was actually tougher than before. So I was interested to see your post