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Hi, i'm aquabubble09. I'm 13 and i weight around 56kg, and i really want to lose around 3kg atleast. I've tried everything i can, like eating right, doing exercise and yoga and all that but it just isn't working for me. I am getting rly upset with myself because when i come home from school, i urge myself not to enter the kitchen but i can't help it. I'm going 2 meeting my new baby cousin next year but i don't want everyone to see my like i am now, i want to look pretty and slim. Like a normal person, not an overweight 13yr old. I also don't want to take those pills or those biggest loser weight losing milkshakes or anything like that because i think it's just a waste of money so please don't tell me to take those kind of things, and please don't tell me like, "just eat right and it'll be fine", or "try and do exercise" because i've done all that and it's not working. Please Please Help!! This is really urgent!! I need to lose weight before next year!!! PLease Help I am DESPERATE!! :S!!!



Ok, Aqua, you don't mention your height, so it's kind of difficult to get a picture of where you are right now - as a healthy adult might see you. If you were 190cm (unlikely, 6 foot), 56kg would make you a very skinny girafe. At 145 cm, you'd be on the chubby side. At 158, according to, you would be - I hate to say it - totally and utterly normal.

So, I appreciate how critical this is to you, but I have to ask a question: do you want to be a beautiful young woman? More to the point, do you want to be a beautiful young woman when your 18, 25, and older - even though right now those ages seem like a ridiculous way away?

Because the decisions you make today will affect how you look then, so now would be a good time to start thinking in those terms.

Next time you're being driven at high speed, if you distract the driver and crash, you'll learn not to distract the driver.

Right now your body is evolving at high speed, as is your brain - you have free will, you can do anything you like, and (if past puberty) your brain is now pretty much the brain that will see you through the rest of your life (it finally stops 'growing' at 25), so everything now is down to you, including this: do you want to crash your body just when it's developing at high speed?

A skilled driver pays attention - you're now old enough to pay attention - desperate isn't paying attention - desperate is letting someone else take the wheel that isn't qualified.

If you want to be a beautiful young woman at 18 or 21 or 25, you're going to have to pay attention and ride it until then, doing some things, not doing others - but most of all, not buying into the propaganda that every other woman on the planet bought into before you - I thought kids were smarter than their parents? Prove it by opening your eyes to who's telling you how to look, and start thinking about how you want to live your own life.

By the time you're 18, you'll have a pretty good idea, and by then you're body will pretty much have stopped changing, and you can start being the adult beautiful woman you already are, just not quite there yet.

... and you're an adult-in-the-making now with free will, so now you can ignore me and go research those pills or whatever!