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plxx plxx tell mee.. i jstt wanna to ask that stimulation n rubbing the clitoris break a hymen??. i have been doing it since from 10 yearx old.. is there any side effect even after marriage kindly tell meeplxxxx??? .. i will leave dixx because  hymen ix very inportant in my culture so m sooo worried abt dix


Stimulation by rubbing your clitoris with your finger should not normally affect the hymen. There is a danger that you might be tempted to also stimuate other areas of your vulva, and depending what you do, pressure might be put on the hymen. If your stimulation leads you to insert your fingers in your vagina, there is the possibility you could break your hymen if are too rough. Hymens vary. Some break easily; some are tough. Clitorises vary too, from being almost invisible to being quite large, and this can affect the masturbation technique.

I am not sure what you mean about side-effect after marriage. Perhaps you could explain what is on your mind. However, it may be that your husband does not approve of female masturbation, and that might make thing difficult, particularly if it is culturally wrong to do so.

Where are you from? and what are the cultural/religious implications?

I hope this helps as a start.