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I am engaged and soon i am going to ge married, But I am worried about my hymen. I never had sex before and no intrest in sports and others, I just wanna know is there chances for hymen to break or tear in normal day works? In our culture it is a really importent thing to have the hymen safe tell marriage.



Some women have such thin, sensitive hymens that they can be broken easily. However, it's generally broken through masturbation, vigorous exercise, or bike riding.

Some women have such thick hymens that even sexual intercourse the first time doesn't break the hymen.

Perhaps you should speak to your fiance and tell him about your fears. Tell him that you're a virgin, but that you're afraid what he'll think if certain things don't occur during intercourse. Tell him anything you need to talk about.


BedsonTrudeau has given you excellent advice.

I would add only one more thing.
I would start with a visit to my regular doctor or a OBGYN for a regular check and to ask them your questions first.

Will there be a problem on your wedding night?
Is there going to be an inspection?
What can the doctor tell you?

If your future husband is truly in love with you , or concerned about your well-being, he will respond to your concerns over the pre-occupation with the status of the hymen.

Yes, it can be torn, stretched, or ripped through other activities. Ask your doctor.