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Hello there,

After a lot of research, one diet just showed up in front of my face. I didn’t know about this one, since yesterday. I went to see my cousin Nina, she had her birthday party. I didn’t saw her in the last 7 years. I always remember her as a cute, fatty little girl, but when I saw her after seven years, I was so surprised. She looks amazing, she is so handsome now, I think that she looks like Adriana Lima at this moment :) LOL.

She lost a lot of pounds, and when I asked her how, she told me that she has been following Almased synergy diet program for the last 4 years.

Is it possible that this diet program is so effective?

Let me know!


Hi darling,

I didn’t follow this diet program never, but it was one of my favorite diet programs that I found on the internet. Basically, it is good, just I always forget about it.

I remember that my friend Ciara was following this one and she really lost her pounds really, really soon. If you didn’t know, it is a soy – based diet program, and it is proven that you can lose your weight quick and safe. She told me that she was feeling amazing in the first week, she didn’t have any side effects, and I believe that she told me that she lost 2 pounds in the first week.

If you think that you can follow it, you should try it!



I am a vegetarian for 11 years now, and I am 25 years old. I am using soy products since then and I just can’t imagine my day without it. So, when I started cleaning my organism, I have heard about this diet program, and because it is soy – based, I just needed to try. I am not sorry about it! Actually, I think that I am happiest girl at this planet.
My opinion is that you will never be able to find such a good diet program, that is so great organized and balanced at the same time. All natural ingredients offers you perfect, fast and safe weight loss.
I think that you should try it and tell us what you think!