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ref Ines Girard Reydet

email _[removed]_ 

Dear Madame, de ã Sirs

i  as' you to cancel my account.

i don't understand thé Way your website si working.

i came on your website so as to ask questions since thé date i visited your website you are taking on my bank  account monthly  38Euros!

i don't agrée with thé Way you are proceeding, iI never confirmed any  subscription or accepted to pay 38Euros each month!

it's ont fait neither honest! I ma now making investigations through consumer associations for making ã claim against your company .you do not havé  right. to take on my bank account thé amount of 38.00Euros  every  month without my agreements.

i want you to  refund amount  taken non my bank account since i visited your website, it was just  for asking à question...

I was not supposéd  to pay monthly 38.00Euros without deadline!

waiting for your answer

best regards

Ines Girard Reydet

Lyon -France


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This site has NO system for charging anyone for advise so if you have filled in any kind of subscription form it wouldn't be from here unless it has something to do with someone that either replied to your question or you replied to someone who has illegally advertised on here, I have been a member of this site now for several years now and have never payed any subscription!

Can you provide actual proof of the subscription form you filled in that says you agreed to have that money taken from your account?

I think you are actually mistaken and the money is being taken by some other website you have signed up to!



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Dear Ines, doesn't charge for their services. Using the website, including posting questions (either as a guest or registered user), registering an account, discussing health topics with other people, etc. is FREE!

I've looked into our database and we don't have an account associated with those two emails you left.

You were subscribed to receive emails about content updates, but I unsubscribed you.

I would strongly advise you to go to your bank and check what you are paying 38 Euros for.

Kind regards,

Billy, SteadyHealth Administrator