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The dangerous science of Anaesthesia requires extreme precision and a readiness to take informed decisions. Add confidence to decision making in the OR and the ICU by keeping clinical calculators and up to date information at your fingertips

Anaesthesia is the science of putting the body and mind to sleep — deep enough to make the perception of pain impossible, yet shallow enough to come out of it alive and fully functional. What would the world be without anaesthesia? How would the miracles of modern day medicine take place? Who would dare perform surgery on a waking, feeling, person? Vital to the execution and success of surgery, the practice of this dangerous science requires extreme precision and a readiness to make informed decisions.

Coming up are a set of tools that can add confidence to decision making in the OR and the ICU by keeping clinical calculators and up to date information at your fingertips. All the apps are free and light on your phone's storage.


Anaesthesia, the Journal of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI), has an app by the same name, developed by its publisher Wiley. The app shows the association's twitter feed and society news, along with ready access to articles. The app is free and open access articles are available on it. Of course a genuine subscription is required to read the rest of the articles.

Online Anaesthesia

A companion to the website, the Online Anaesthesia app lets doctors maintain a logbook of cases on the go. Different details can be stored under separate heads — namely operation, obstetric, ITU and pain. Records can be added offline as well. The central database is updated the next time your device comes online. The app is free of cost initially, requiring a $3 subscription after the first month or the first 50 cases. Local backups of data can also be kept.


Developed by Dr. Anmar Qashish, Narkosist gives you standard doses of anaesthetic agents at your fingertips along with calculations of dose for specific age and weight. For inhalational agents it calculates the MAC for a given age.  The agents are grouped according to their use, route, and mechanism of action.

Piramal Anaesthesia Assistant

The good thing about this app is that it calculates cost per hour along with dose, helping the anaesthetist keep in mind financial implications for the patient. A list of relevant events occurring nearby is available on the events calendar list. The Doctor's Corner is stocked with recent developments in the field, journal papers and articles. This is a well-rounded app for anaesthetists. It can be used to 'connect' with other users or 'get in touch' with the manager in their respective country. It comes free of cost on android devices.


The app provides a checklist for transfer of care in the OR. The list is comprehensive and can help bring down human errors while transfer of care. The app also keeps a logbook, which is automatically updated the moment a checklist is completed. It would be better still if the checklist was modifiable, but even so the app can be a gem in the OR. It’s available free on android devices.

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