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I have been trying on and off to do the candida diet diligently since oct last year. its insanely hard and i have also tried anti fungals (grapefruit seed and oregano oils) as well as probiotics (which made my symptoms flare up terribly). The thing is i have been having increasingly frequent palpitations, i have brought myself to the emergency and to the dr 3 times since dec last year as a result. Prior to finding out that my many symptoms (chronic yeast infections, athritis, dizzyness, new food allergies, hair loss, cardiovascular tiredness, horrible Pms, itchiness of skin, sinus problems, chronic throat infections and worst of all palipations) .. were all due to candida overgrowth. Now being that the medical field does not recognize overgrowth as a real disease i have been doing holistic approaches and the diet to relieve myself, to frusterating degrees.  Now i am soo frusterated bc if these damn palpitations that just come up out of nowhere! has anyone else experienced this? i THINK its bc of when i cheat on the diet and have a peice of bread but not really sure.. is it the probitiocs i am now taking in the form of Syntol? Is it the diet? is it the candida itself? or do i really have a heart condition? it feels VERY physical. I have stress but my life is about 60% less stressful now then ever.. other than the f*#*ing candida ofcourse!! I am just curious about what others have experienced in this area, going to the cardiologist on the 20th but being that i have seen one before and they didnt find anything i am pretty sure it will be the same case again, i just wish i could relieve my self with the fear that i am avoiding some crazy heart condition when i just pop an inderal during a palp.. and think,.. this too will pass.. thoughts? anyone? please?


I've suffered terribly from Candida until I came across one supplement and I've seen amazing result from this. All I did was limit my sugar intake and take this and I felt like a new person. It's a real good supplement containing a lot of good stuff to combat candida. Whoever I recommended this too has also seen results from this.

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