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So, I have a really funny problem with my husband. A few days ago, he was playing golf with his friends, and they were talking about some diet programs. One of them told that he was on candida diet while he had candida, and that this diet program was so restrictive. He started to talk to my hubby that he should start this one, because it doesn’t matter does he have candida or not.He told him that this diet plan can help him lose his pounds very fast, because it is restrictive and correct.

Well, now, I am confused. Can you tell me is candida diet only for people who have candida? 



It is totally true that this diet program is restrictive, and because of this, it can become your lifestyle. Well, now, I am not sure, but I believe that there is a reason why this diet is called candida diet program, right? I mean the candida diet has that part of program in attempting to resolve gut imbalance in your body, But, I know that doctors also are telling you should you follow some diet or not. The same thing is with candida diet.

That is the best option and you should follow it – go and visit your doctor!

Good luck! 



Hey there,

Thank you very much. You see, I was always trying to explain someone why I think that some diet program is meant to be for specific group of people. The same thing is with candida diet program, but no – nobody wants to listen to me.

My husband is really funny in this issue, especially because I do know that he wants to follow this one just because some funny guys from the golf told him to do that.

I was telling him that I don’t see any reason why he should do this, but that is ok.

I will tell him again, and I really hope that he will listen to me :)

Have a nice day!