I am 32 yrs old, female and I moved to UK from Greece 8 yrs ago. Since then I've developed facial skin rash on the sides of my face, which is ithcy, hot and sensitive to touch & acne. My spots take ages to heal and they leave marks although I do not squeeze them. I have been to the doc many times; I have been treated for eczema, dermatitis, rosacea until recently another doc said it was yeast overgrowth.

I embarked on a no sugar, no refined carbs diet w/o consulting him and I must admit I find it very challenging. Previous to that, I cut out all dairy from my diet and although my skin improved, it didn't clear completely. I was prescribed anti fungals (50mg as I am treated for skin fungus as opposed to candida). My doc doesn't think that overgrowth of intestinal yeast can cause skin rash and he feels that the benefits of such diet cannot be sustained long term. He took a swab of my tongue which is coated and I am awaiting the results.

I experienced withdrawl symptoms as soon as I started the diet the worst being shaking and flu like symptoms. I got 10 spots on my face overnight but within 5 days they cleared. I finished my medication and started a herbal one from the health shop & I am continuing with the diet. I re-introduced berries in my diet but my skin feels really itchy today.
The benefits so far are that I am no longer sleepy after eating - it was so bad I could not function. While taking the anti fungals prescribed my skin was itch free and began to clear (my doctor however felt my skin looked worse oilier and thicker).

I am very confused as to whether I should stick to the diet and what I can eat. I have read a couple of books and reviewed various websites but the info seems contradicting. Some say no wheat others say wholesome is fine. I have read that garlic is a natural anti fungal, others say yes but it kills the good bacteria as well.

My doc has referred me to the dermatologist but told me that he probably won't be able to help me.

If there is any advice at all you can provide I would be grateful (I only mentioned that I am orginally from Greece in case the rash is more environmental as the weather here is too damp compared to the dry Mediterannean climate.)

Kind regards