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I am suspected of having candida in throat-that is what my colleague claims for she once had the same symptoms in her oral area including inner cheeks, tongue and the back of her throat was practically covered with some creamy white lesions and that is exactly I am dealing with now. I first thought I have something like a sore throat but the condition in my throat area worsened by the time-in last 2 months I am dealing with this ugly sensation in my throat and I practically could see those ugly white lesions covering my tongue and throat so do you also think I could be having candida in throat and could it be caused by taking too much antibiotics for I also am suffering from severe form of acne and am very frequently on some sort of antibiotic treatment such as minocin. Do you think this also could have caused me candida in throat condition?


I am positive that prolonged intake of minocin could have caused you candida in throat. I also have practically the same problem and I am besides my acne also diagnosed frequently with oral thrush-that is a condition that could easily be caused by taking specific meds especially antibiotics. Anyway my advice is not to wait too long to get proper diagnose for you know this candida in throat, inner cheeks and tongue may develop in more serious form for it could also starts bleeding but also this candida in your throat could easily spread down to your esophagus and then the symptoms could get worse pain and difficulty swallowing and you might also happen to have the food sticking in your throat and it is all due to this candida in throat. Anyway you should be having some medical tests such as throat culture or endoscopic exam, I also was swallowing barium-in this test you should drink some barium mixture and than some X-rays are to be taken just to determine the right cause of this white leisure. Also my immune system was weakened so the treatment for candida in throat is somewhat different than in health patients-so I was taking some antifungal meds-I was taking the tablets of lozenges and the treatment usually last up to 2 weeks and I was also having regular monitoring of my liver function for some antifungal meds could have serious side effects regarding the liver.


I took a nutrition course from CNHP and we studied digestion from the time you smell your food until you eliminate it from the body.

As we learned in the class, candida is a result of undigested food arriving in the ileum (3rd part of the small intestine). If you don't chew your food properly and if you don't have enough digestive enzymes to help digest the chewed food then you have very little chance of the food being digested and usable to the body from that point on.

If undigested food reaches the ileum - yeast will increase to protect the body from trying to absorb the undiegested food (which undigested food is very harmful to the body if absorbed) Think about how often you eat and how much of that food is undigested! Now you can understand why most suffer from yeast overgrowth or candida in the body.

But don't think for a moment that the yeast just lives in the small intestines - NO - that is just where it starts. It will spread all over the body causing a number of other problems from yeast infections, athlete's foot, jock itch, thrush, skin rashes and other skin condidtion all over the body including acne, severe sinus problems and diseases, asthma, colitis, IBS, Chron's disease and a number of other problems.

I know that many people take antibotics and other drugs that will weaken the immune system and most women will experience yeast infections after a round of antibotics, etc. The antibotics are not causing the yeast overgrowth even though they kill the good and *"bad" bacteria. It is quite obvious that undigested food is causing the yeast to grow faster than the acidophilis (good bacteria) after the round of antibotics.

Working on digesting the food in addition to taking herbs to get the candida under control and increase the acidophilis in your intestines and you will be on your way to better health!

There are natural herbs that will help get the yeast under control in the body but if you take these herbs and don't do anything about your eating habits then you are just chasing your tail.

If you aren't eating enough raw foods in your diet and are not chewing your food properly then most likely you'll continue to suffer from the effects of candida the rest of your life.

Our bodies make some of the enzymes that we need to digest food but you also need to incorporate raw foods that contain their own enzymes to give the body a break and to give the body the necessary enzyme cellulase which helps keep yeast under control. Yeast is not necessary a "bad" bacteria - even though it is usually referred to as one. In fact it is very benificial to the body in normal conditions but out of control it is not good!

The body needs protein (not necessarily meat protein) to make enzymes for the body, if you are not digesting your food (which is obvious if you have a yeast overgrowth) then you will not be able to digest meat or veggie/fruit/nut proteins, which when cooked has no enzymes, and therefore you are not absorbing the protein either which creates a cycle of your body not being able to make enough of it's own enzymes. And so the vicious cycle continues and you develop more health problems.

Personally, I only eat raw foods for breakfast (fruit smoothies made in my blender) and about 80 to 90% raw lunch and then I will eat cooked foods for dinner with a salad. I also take digestive enzymes with my cooked foods and I also take 3 teaspoons of barley and alfalfa powder daily (sometimes more) I also use dulse and kelp flakes with garlic on my bread either at lunch or dinner to incorporate the necessary iodine into my diet for a healthy functioning thyroid. I stay away from junk and processed foods and eat as many whole foods as possible. I also juice carrots, and in the summer months watermelon and honeydew melon (yummy) as well as juice oranges and tangerines together) I just make up my own recipes and it works great!

Also don't forget to drink enough water. Get enough rest and exercise. And most importantly is your spiritual life. A personal relationship with God through Jesus is the first step in a perfectly balanced life.


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