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hello, iv been smoking weed for a couple of months & i have stopped now due to a really bad experience i had, i went all panicky and i started to forget who i was ?? it was scary n very weird & i wanted to no y it did this for first time, because i smoked it regular before & it never done anything like this, now its about 20 days off it and iv become all depressed, feel anxious about going out, have bad head aches and my vision goes weird sometimes ..

i would really like an answer to this please its making me feel ill


To all pot loving 'academics' I have several close friends who did many types of pot. I've seen the effects first hand. Anyway back to the point, almost all forms of cannabis release a chemical called dopamine, which brings pleasure. The maximum a normal person gets is roughly 200 particles released, cannabis gives 400ish. Your body was not meant to handle that. So in exchange your brain starts expanding the dopamine pathways and thus killing braincells. The tube like pathways get thicker to allow more dopamine through. The braincells affected are memory storage and neural responses. The neural responses control things like heart beats and breathing. However this could take years of pot smoking. But it depends on genes generally, and dosage amount. In a summarizing statement almost all forms of cannabis make you feel droopy and happy but eventually fry your brain. So future stoners be warned! PS I know most sympathizers will claim most facts BS, however these were conducted by NATO officials in the 90s...on humans.