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Hi All

I will be going for a op next week and i have done some looking into smoking cannibis after the surgery, not like the same day but later on in the week. I have 2 weeks off work, all my friends are not around due to work.

So basicly will smoking pure cannibis without any tabcoo be "that" bad with the healing process

The nuse advised me that ciggy smoking/smoke is bad for the healing process and will make my nose bleed more than normal.

but didnt say anything when i asked about smoking pure pot?

any ideas from anyone would be uinteresting to hear your ideas.



What kind of surgery are you going to have? Many say that cannabis is safe, other tell you that it is too dangerous, so I am not sure if there is a right answer to this question. In my opinion you after every surgery you should give your body enough time to rest and heal itself. You have to understand that surgeries are not simple and in most cases you need several weeks to recover and to function normally. I would suggest you to avoid anything that can be even a little dangerous like cigarettes or cannabis. You should focus more on your diet and recovery more then on what you can or can’t smoke.