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whats up,

quit 2 weeks ago or so which im well chuffed about but just wanted to know if othr people have had racing thoughts or thoughts being jumbled up like really hard to focus on job at hand? either near the end of their smoking habit or when coming off it.

also will this get better with time or am i mind screwed forever?

any mental health probs youve got/had id like to hear about.

Cheers a bunch


yeah realised myself ganja was messing me up after approx 12 years, but last 2 years my habit really kicked up a gear which im sure is whats gave me these probs. I think i am getting better seem a little more focused than when i did when still smoking. yer id agree that ganja is a very bad drug i seriously regret starting, ive also done other drugs but none had any ed=ffect on my mental health or outlook on life.

i willnever be smoking again and all i want now is what i had 10 years ago i pray its not too late for me even though im only 24.

really appreciate your reply buddy.

to anyone reading this if your not at the point where you think diffrently because of ganja really stop now!!! before your head gets messed up, hell stop now just becasue your on drugs and you shouldnt be. id do anything to turn back the clock. dont think it wont happen to you because it will certainly.