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hi, my names justin. im 17 and have smoked weed for almost 4 years. my addiction was unbelieveable, i used to skip class with a mate and just scabb weed or money to by weed everyday, i was addicted to the stuff like it was crack or somthing, and i can see how addicted i was and im not proud of it.

people say weeds not that bad for you, but what you have to remeber is that eveyone is different. for me it cuased paranoid delousions and all that jazz. it was a feeling like i was going crazy.

I resently droped out of collage and went to my nan and pops place for a month, one of the best things i have ever done. its been about 40 days now and i have got myself a job and things are looking up.

However, i still feel the affects of smoking marijuana for 4 year. and its not plesent. at my pops place i would have mood swings, sweets, axsienty and everything eles u can imagen.

when i was at collage i had alot of good mates, but after a while marijuana destroyed that. i had a lady for 9 months and when i got back on the weed it destroyed that. i lost alot, i look around today and theres barly a friend in sight (or a lady for that matter), but i can feel myself getting better by the day. i know i can make it though all this and lead a much better life, im tired of being the selfish, heartless person ive been for years now. quitting helps you remeber all the screwed up things that you have done with your lfe, but makes you relise you need to change.

im not trying to whine or b***h like a five year old just wanted to express myself. And i probs still wouldnt be alive if it wasnt for my family.

If youve got dreams, follow them till the end.
if youve got family, loved them till the end.

and remeber this saying which has pritty much saved me from a pathetic life.......Tough times dont last, Tough people do!

No Regrets!


hi, your post helped me so much that i created an account to comment you back, ive recently turned 18 and i cant bear living with cannabis addiction anymore, ive been smoking it everyday since i was 13, and everything that happend to u has happend to me and is still happening, every time i try and quit i fail miserabely, i always give in when the cold sweats start and feel like im on speed in a very very very horrible nightmare kind of way,

plain and simply cant deal with the withdrawal, if i dont have it towards end of the day then by bed time i will be awake for 48 hours literally in the most awake state i think possible for a human and feel very much alone and helpless. weed has caused what i think is a permanent anxiety disorder, it leaves me with a horrible feeling in my throat and the way i think seems to make it worse or easyer (usually always worse) i used to have loads of good friends now im down to 4/5 and somtimes i question if there even mates at all. at one point i belived everyones brains were connected and we could shout thoughts at each other in our head and the other one would hear it, i also belived we were phycic in small ways, like being able to predict whats on t.v, what'll happen on what day etc, life is utter sh*t for me, i bassically dont have one.

i really need some advice and tips on how to quit,

im scared that the axiety and sleep disorder just wont go even months after quitting, i remember going to spain for 2 weeks when i was 14 and it was an absolute nightmare,

how are you getting on with anxiety, friends, sleeping and appetite, would really apprechiate some help/advice. please message back ASAP

thanks dude


Hey guys i've read alot of these forum for a while now and i'd like to give some advice as i have smoked weed since i was 16 now being 25.. I quit when i was 24 because the reprocutions were getting to great to keep smoking.. i smoked probably an 8th a day around 2-3 grams. like most people i smoked the odd time from 16 to about 19 maybe 5-6 times a week but then my gf of a couples years a girl i finally fell in love with dumped me.. I was the highschool soccer star known as a player lol.. a label that i did not really like but anyway after my gf who i loved so much broke up with me the weed became my new gf.. and it lasted till now 25.. I managed to get my electrical ticket but the afftects of smoking weed everyday affect someone more mentally then physically making it a very dangerous drug.. you'll make excuses for why u do it and excuses that oh weed isn't a seriuos drug but the reality is it is deadly and i mean that when i say it.. it ruins lives.. anyway i've been clean from weed for about 8 months now and its great.. i need less sleep now not smoking pot and i save alot of money and i feel great... for anyone wishing to quit i recommend it because the longer u do it the more u will ruin your life.. i feel that if i kept smoking i would mentally not be able to cope in society. I have anxiety which i deal with now and it slowely goes away.. it takes along time prob a year or two in my shoes but it does.. SO MY TIP TO QUIT SMOKING and this is an awesome tip.. THC stays in your system for a long timel... it sits in your fat stores and would take years to go away.. its really sad knowing this but ya year to go away.. If you want it gone and gone forever i recommend going to the DRY SAUNA everyday while u quit.. Stay in as long as u can drink lots of water and just sweat.. it cleanses your body and releases those toxins that are trapped in your body. Give it about a month and your will feel like a new person.. I'm personally addicted to the dry sauna.. I've been going daily or atleast 4-5 times a weeks now for 8 months.. and will continue to do it till i die.. and i truely mean it.. It is incredible... Make sure u take vitamin supplements such as minerals, salts etc because your body loses these minerals etc when u sweat that much.. but really push yourself and in two weeks of doing this everyday approx 3 hrs daily in the dry sauna doing approx 20-45 min sessions in the sauana or untill u feel faint take a break jump in pool take cold shower and cool down then go back in and do another session.. Weed is a mentally dangerous drug unlike other drugs cocaine etc being physically and mentally bad.. I think thats why people make excuses for it oh well i look fine etc.. but mentally its killing your brain and can leave people with mental problems such as anxiety problems, etc.. I'm glad i could share my experience with u guys.. If you read this you are on the right path and thats all that matters.. even if you still have doubts about quitting you are on the way to actually living.. I felt like i hadn't live in over 7 years now finally i can live my life.. GL guys.. I'm sure you have loved one as well who would do anything for you to quit this deadly habbit.. Don't be scared to get help as the ones who love you will do anything to get u to quit as it hurts everyone u love by doing this terrible thing..


Lol I loved striker14's post, up until he said "DEADLY habit " and "TERRIBLE thing " I have quit smoking weed, and although I realize marijuana does lead to bad decisions and tons of regret along with fake friends who lie and steal from you without a second thought, I also realize that smoking marijuana is NOT deadly, and isn't terrible for everyone. You all know it was fun, but there's always a time to give that up and move on in your life, I'm 16 and my big realization came from discovering I was pregnant. But we are all different, and we are also our own people. Don't blame marijuana for all the bad things that happened while smoking, we all make our own decisions, and being high on weed is never really an excuse for anything but the munchies and acting goofy while being blazed.