please advise, my mum had a reoccuring chest infection which was not adequately dealt with med wise, hospitlisation followed, and she bravely for health reasons gave up her smoking habit with no assistance, oh eveyone was in awe of her success 5 months now, she is 76 but looked, acted and energy wise like a 67 year old, the euphoria of giving up did not last long, i noticed her mood was really low, and as a family we always admired her up beat humour, she has many visits to the doctor since, strangely with swollen joints, exhaustion, coldness and fluid retention, she is aways exhausted, has put on 2 stone in weight and this adds to feelings of low self esteem, the cigarette was her 'friend' she once said, took her threw many trials, i understand giving up is ideal for some, but i know for a fact mum is so so down, and i feel i would rather have her for 2 years happy and back to her old self than 10 years miserable and not the mum we know, my other siblings think it ridiculous that i feel this way, but there is evidence that sometimes giving up smoking can actually damage your physical and mental health, i have known many whose health was dramatically damage after they gave up, i am not encouraging those who have given up successful to smoke, but sometimes i feel there is a time in life where it is not advisable. thank you