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Hello. Over the last month or so, I have gradually gone deaf in my left ear.
At first, I thought it was maybe some water getting inside it or a pressure I just yawned a lot and chewd gum. After a few days it went back to normal.

A week later it returned, and hasn't gone away for an entire month now.
I can not hear anything at all out of my left ear..and recently this week..a lump has surfaced in my ear.

It felt at first like a pimple, but it is now bigger..and quite hard.

I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I think I need to go. Until then, what can I do about the lump? I am not feeling any pain unless I touch the lump..but the actual hearing problem is why I want to goto the doctor.

I also hear a constant ringing every now and then..and yet I do not listen to loud sounds at all.

Please help :-(


its a bunch of wax in ur ear and it has been building up and now its going through infection go to a doctor.