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Hey, does any one out there have a suggestion for a guy who likes to go out and hang out with his buds but has to check his blood sugar and possibly use insulin when he's out?  I am type 1 diabetic and I am going out this weekend but I don't want to bring my supplies where everyone sees that I need to check my sugar if I go hypo or hyperglycemic.  How do I do this discreetly?  One of my buds know I am diabetic, the others do not.  I don't think it needs to be advertised, you know?  My buddy knows what to do if I need help with a hypo, so there is no worry there.  What other information could you guys offer me to make sure I have a safe night out but ahve fun too?  I will probably have one or two beers and try to make them last.  One of my friends loves to drink and thinks everyone's glass needs to be full so i will keep mine full for as long as I can so I don't overdrink. 


Hello should be able to go out with your friends with some planning ahead of time.  Some alcohol has less carbohydrates with others.  However, you would count each drink as a fat unit.  If your drink has juice in it, it will cause the carb grams to go up.  You will need to just plan on what drink you want to have for the night and work it into your diet plan.  This will prevent you from having problems with your blood sugars.  As far as carrying supplies with you, you can keep the things in your car.  If you didn't bring a car, you can use a pocket inside your jacket or get a bag that attaches around your waist.  You will have to wear a long shirt if you don't want this to be seen. 

Has anyone else any tricks on how to carry insulin and BG kit around socially?