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What's the best way to bring insulin with you when traveling?  I usually keep my insulin in a little nap sack (the little bag people where around the waist).  It is pretty convenient there and I keep all my supplies there with my glucometer, lancets, and even instructions for if I go into a low blood sugar.  I keep a syringe of glucogon in there just in case I have a tremendously bad low blood sugar happen.  Does anyone else do anything differently?  Thanks!


Hello, Guest... it sounds like you have everything very handy and available to you with all your blood glucose supplies!  That sounds like a perfect way to carry your belongings and diabetic things.  I know that you will need to make sure that your insulin is not going to go beyond the expiration date while you are gone on vacation.  It is one thing that you don't want going bad while traveling.  Make sure also that it doesn't get subjected to extreme cold.  It would be also bad if it became too hot so you will need to ensure that it stays out of direct light.  It would be good to keep a covered ice pack in your nap sack to make sure the insulin stays cool if you are out in the heat.  It sounds like you are very prepared for the trip since you even have instructions for anyone who needs it.  Do you wear a bracelet that identifies you as a diabetic as well?  That would be something very valuable to have on your person, especially when you are traveling.

Is there anyone else who have been traveling and brought their diabetic supplies with them?  Do you have any additional pointers we may have overlooked? Where has anyone else kept or stored their supplies?