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Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get blood glucose monitoring diary sheets for free. I need a better and neater way to log my BG levels throughout the day. I tend to leave little notes to myself around the house and before you know it I can't find some of them. I'm newly diagnosed and still trying to get the hang of these things. I was thinking maybe I could put my info on the computer but I don't know how to do that. I'm not good with the computer but I try. I still have problems emailing. Can someone help? Thanks.


Hi, That's really no problem. There are a number of websites that have BG monitoring sheets that you can print out and many of them have programs to make calculations for you. The one recommend is the Bloodindex Blood Sugar Diary. Just key that in on Google search and it should bring right to the page. You can store all your information there including all BG readings and weight loss. You can get all this info back with just a click of your mouse. Make all the print outs you want for plan sheets and sheets with info in them. This makes it easy to keep your history with detailed graphics and comparison charts. This is a completely free service. Don't be afraid to use your computer and go to the website. It is very user friendly and has everything you need. It is as basic as 1, 2, and 3.


Everytime you do a test you can store your info right on the site including fasting BG, Random blood testing, post prandial measurements and any notes you want to make for every test you do. You can make print out when you want to take with you to your doctor and to keep for your personal use. This program has colored graphic charts and multiple formats for you to use. I suggest you stick to the basic default format as I did when I started. You can also send emails to your doctor if you like.


As a reminder, your home BG monitor is not always that accurate. Some of this has to do with the type of BG strip you use and your monitor. You can check this when you go to your doctor when you have blood work done. You can check your monitor with the lab test they do while you are there.


Keep in mind that there are different blood tests. Most BG monitors measure BG in plasma. This information is listed on your test strip package or glucose monitor packaging. Older BG monitors measure whole blood glucose which differs from plasma measurements by as much as 15 to 20 percent. So if you try to compare your GB monitor with lab results they could be considerably different. If you have a great different this indicates that there is a possible problem with your monitor, BG strips or the way you are monitoring.