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I am a new diabetic I guess.  My doctor's nurse called and told me my A1c is 9 and I need to come in because I need diabetic counseling and stuff.  I wanted to ask about the insulin pump and bm machines... I am worried that I might need to be a pump.  Does everyone use a pump when diagnosed with diabetes?  Also the machine you use to put your blood into to check it?  how does that work?  How much blood does it need?  THis whole thing has me a bit freaked out.  What information can anyone give me?


Hello Guest.  I am sorry to hear that your A1c was high.  Your doctor will discuss ways to help improve your A1c number and get you back on the road of health.  You will not need an insulin pump this early in the game.  You may never need one.  You will start out with attempting to control you blood sugars by diet and exercise.  As time goes on, it will be determined whether you will need medication if your blood glucose levels are hard to regulate with your diet.  Insulin is the last resort if your BG levels do not respond to medication anymore.  This could be years down the road if you are diligent in keeping to your diabetic diet.  Even then you don't have to have a pump; you can do insulin injections as needed.  The blood glucose meter you will need to become friends with.  It will help you monitor blood sugars so that you know what is working for you and what isn't.  You will need to prick your finger to get a blood sample. Nowadays, it only takes a tiny drop of blood and it will give you a reading of your blood sugar.  Generally speaking, you will want to keep it around 140 and below during the day.  Of course, it will be a bit higher after you eat, but it should go back down to 140 and below 2 hours after eating.