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Hey all.... i was wondering about my insulin when it goes throught the xray machine at the airport. will it be ok after it goes through it?  will the radiation do anything to the insullin?  maybe i should keep the insulin out and show it to the airport people so that it doesn't go through.  what should i do about it/


Hello, I see that you are concerned with getting your insulin through the airport security. There shouldn't be any issues in getting your insulin through the x ray machines.  Also, any radiation would not harm the insulin in any way. It would be better if you have your diabetic supplies with your carry on bag so that you have access to it when you need it.  You don't to have issues with your blood sugars while on a plane and have your diabetic supplies in the cargo area where you can't get it!  That would be a very bad situation, indeed. 

Keep your diabetic supplies in a clear plastic bag for airport security to see it so they don't have to dump out everything to see what is in there.  It would be a good idea to have the prescription label on the insulin vial as well.  Are there other diabetics that have been through airport security of recent years?  Have you had your primary care physician provide a travel letter explaining your diabetic diagnosis?  Do you have any recommendations with going through the airport with diabetic supplies?  Did you encounter any problems when going through the checkpoint?

Airport security runs into this situation multiple times a day since there are many diabetics who travel by plane to get to their destinations.  They are aware of diabetics and their need for their supplies such as lancets, insulin needles, glucometers, and insulin so they would be able to recognize these items.  You should get through the checkpoint and you may be able to avoid putting your supplies through x ray if the airport security just sees it.