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I am a diabetic patient and I am planning to travel to Europe next month.  I am going to be taking my diabetic supplies with me and I am worried about my insulin.  Will the radition from the xray machine be harmful?  The machine they use at the airport terminal to check in your luggage and stuff?  I don't want it to get ruined.  That would be awful as I need my insulin for next two weeks.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Thanks for any information regarding the matter.


Hello, Guest!  I see that you will be traveling out of the country and needing to take your diabetic supplies with you.  It shouldn't be a problem going through the airport security especially when it comes to the airport x-ray machinery that scans your luggage and belongings.  Your insulin will be safe in the event that it is x-rayed when put through the security check-out.  You may also carry it on you in a small carryon bag too. Then the airport security personnel can look at it without putting it through an x-ray machine.  You should make your your insulin is with you in any case so it doesn't get stored away in the luggage area where you can't reach it.  It would be problematic if you cannot access your insulin when you need it.  Also be sure to pack a candy bar or two with you in your carryon bag so if you feel hypoglycemic, you can eat a quick carb to get your sugar up again.

Are there other diabetic travelers out there who would have some good advice to offer?  Is there something that diabetics should do that would make their trip safer?  What do you put your insulin in to keep it safe?  Any other ways to package your diabetic supplies?