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Not so long time ago my doctor found out I have Helicobactor pylori infection. I wanted some antibiotic treatment of any kind. Doctor told me treatment is simple, but he repeats endoscopies, biopsies and several courses of treatment with antibiotic drugs. Does it mean my doctor doesn’t work with right therapy or what? What is risk with therapy of Helicobactor pylori?


No, it doest mean he doesn’t know what he is doing. I guess he gave you right therapy but that is normal that treatment need repeated endoscopies and all this testing you do. After treatment of Helicobactor pylori it is necessary to repeat one of these tests to see if the germ has been killed. Prove for that is only endoscopy with bioscopy. Blood test may remain positive for months or even years after successfully killing Helicobactor pylori. There is a small risk with taking bismuth drugs such as Peptobismol is. They could temporarily cause gray staining of the teeth and mouth. Also some of the side effects are constipation, diarrhea, and blackening of the stools. There is small risk of allergic reaction of antibiotics. Only if you are given Flagyl or metronidazole you should not drink alcohol while taking the drug because an unpleasant reaction may occur. Also there are a lot more drugs that also may be used for treatment of Helicobactor pylori.


Homeopathic treatment of Helicobactor pylori:

all items can be found at Whole Foods or online herb store

Myrrh, liquid 40 drops in a small amount of water 3x day
Pau d`Arco, liquid 40 drops in a small amount of water 3x day
Oil of Oregano, liquid capsules 3x day
Turmeric (Goldenseal) as directed for highest dose suggested
Colloidal Silver (Sovereign Silver is best) use as directed 3x day in highest dose

use this health regimen for 21- 28 days while avoiding anti-acid drugs, use Licorice Root if you need acid reducer or Tums are fine.
also, avoid foods which seem to aggravate the condition and try root beer of all things! to burp up any trapped gas:)

the reason the doctor uses repeated endoscopies, biopsies, etc is due to the risk of developing cancer with an untreated stomach infection. the homeopathic treatment I have listed here is not only good for curing the stomach infection but Myrrh, Pau d`Arco and Turmeric are also recognized as natural anti-cancer agents. Colloidal silver supports the immune system which can be weakened with this condition, especially if you have suffered a significant weight loss.