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Fifteen years ago my dermatologist diagnosed me as " a chronic lip licker", due to nervous habits, I can not control. My RX, was Desowen lotion, It helped, but took a while. I have tried many otc remidies but nothing has helped. I also have a large garden with more tomatos than my grocery store, could this be from acid? I've cut back my consumption to almost zero. Still chapped lips, burning, and cracked. Last, I had spine surgery two months ago ,I was extreamly mouth chapped a week or so later, "Nerves"??? Please help!!!!!!!!!!


Well, there is definitely truth in the fact that tomatoes are acidic and that they might cause some degree of irritation to your lips, however, because of the situation you described happening around the time you had the spine surgery, I would say that lip licking and the consequences it causes are most likely related to the anxiety you are experiencing.

Thing about anxiety that most people don’t realize is that its worst symptoms are the ones reflecting directly on your body. It’s basically very similar to the nail biting habit other people develop. So, even though your dermatologist described your problem correctly, he really did nothing in order to treat the cause of the problem, which I is the stress and the anxiety you are feeling. That is why I would recommend you to consult with psychologist and see if learning to cope with stress will help you more than any other temporary solution.