Well everyone, I've been reading this entire blog & there is definitely a difference in the symptoms everyone is experiencing. Swollen lips is not the same as the chapped lip symptoms everyone here is talking about. I'm not a doctor, but I can help 75% of you with my story. About 30 years ago I started having what I used to call a "Ubangee Lip" experience. The infrequent swelling of one side of my lip to the point where you could see the inside of my lip without looking inside! For about 25 years it would happen to me once or twice a year or two. About 5 years ago I was taking some asprin/motrin for the flu & noticed that my throat was feeling thick. Went to the doctors immediately & they put me on some benedryl, went home okay. About 1 year later happened again & this time my throat was swelling shut, went to the same doc & scared the hell out of her & myself. I received shots, liquid benedryl, oxygen etc & was told to go to an allergyst. Went to one & was told by the doctor that he didn't even have to give me the "tests" & advised that I was allergic to ALL of the asprin/motrin family of meds & Yellow Dye #5. Which pretty much means the only med's I can take is Tylenol. There are hundreds of medications out there that are relative to those "families". Yellow #5 is in tons of food products (unneccessarily I might add), & the food doesn't have to be yellow to contain it. YOU MUST READ ALL LABELS. So those of you experiencing lip & facial swelling PLEASE see an allergyst NOT a regular doc. I have been swollen FREE since this information has come into my life. I do carry an epi pen to make sure I can make it to the emergency room before dying. IT DOES GET WORSE if you ignore it, so don't. My reason for searching your blog today was do to "chapped lips" for about a month now. Thought it might be a "lipstick withdrawal/addition", but since reading here, think it might be a food/ingrediant reaction of a different type. It's painful & unsightly. Vaseline/lotions/chapsticks doesn't help. Period! I'm trying BAG BALM now, seems better, but will know more tomorrow. I will check my toothpaste/lotions/face soap/mouthwash/dressings thanks to all of your suggestions. Will let you know what I find out, if & when it gets better.