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Hello. For the last 2 months the lips of my mouth have been chapped. I have been in a relationship for 6 months now, and it happens to us that we don’t use protections. I do perform oral sex, but the thing is that he doesn’t have any symptoms of any kind. I am still worried I may be having hsv1. Or…could it be something else? Any info is more than welcome! Thanx!


You shouldn’t be so worried. There are many reasons that can cause your chapped lips. For example, lip licking, dehydration, smoking, windburn or sunburn, certain medications can dry out your lips, cosmetics like lipsticks, balms, and other products applied to the lips can have chemicals in them that can set up an allergic reaction. So, all is not lost. But, if you haven’t had your gyno check up lately, it would be wise to check up on your health.