After several trips to the ER for chest pains upon waking, I had a full work up done at MGH (angioplasty, angiogram and echosound). I have pvcs' and am told they are very common and I have no heart damage or blockage, with low cholesterol and blood pressure. The fluttering heartbeat has remained fairly constant but no pain mostly due to no anxiety now over what is causing the irregular heartbeat. Recently the irregular heartbeat has returned accompanied by pain which goes through the left chest into the shoulder. It is severe enough to take my breath away while it is happening but although frequent ( 6 or 7 times a day) it always passes. I have been prescribed Klonopin for the anxiety, exercise religiously and have a low caffeine intake. Does anyone have any experience with a med that will deal with this pain or do I need something like beta blockers for the PVCs' since they only come together? I am a 51 yr old male, retired so no stress there and no apparent anxiety issues.