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Hi! In the last two months i have been experiencing episodes of sudden cardiac craziness! the first time it happened suddenly, my heart started fluttering and almost felt like it was skipping beats and didnt stop for almost a min.... i started seeing spots and felt lightheaded, VERY SCARY!.... since then have had two more episodes. Before this i would feel a flutter every now and far apart that it made no impact on my daily life. Now I have anxiety and panic attaks in fear that my heart is going to act up again. I was not stressed or anxious when the first episode occured so I do not believe anxiety is causing it! I also always feel tightness and a pain once in a while in my chest now...dont know if thats from the anxiety or an underlying heart issue! I had endocarditis 3-4 years ago..where it left a vegtitation on my tricuspid valve. no surgery was need after the infection was gone because i was asymptomatic....they felt because it was on my tricuspid valve, and not aortic or mitral that it would be better off if I didnt have surgery. I havent been to the doctor in a whiole and I guess Im also afraid that the vegitation is going to break you think its a heart condition...PLEASE HELP>>>IM GOING CRAZY!


are u ok now hun did you take any perscribed or un before thi?avoid coffee and fags to