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I have bad anxiety. I get panic attacks all the time...less frequently with medication but I stopped the meds because the side effects made me feel worse than ever. I think I am also OCD about my health. But anyways I am constantly worried about my heart; I went to the emergency room and got an EKG or ECG, bloodwork, and chest x-rays, and they said everything was fine, it was just anxiety. But I didn't stop there. I even went to my family doctor and had him check my heart out because (and i know it was the anxiety), i kept thinking, "what if the ER people were wrong? What if I'm dying? blah blah blah." Is it normal to have chest pain even after the anxiety attacks have run their course? Because I do.



You sound just like me. A year ago I had constant chest pains all day long and all night long. I went for every test under the sun and all were negative. The pills did not help either. I had to keep saying to myself it is just anxiety and then it went away on its own. That is what you have to do

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers