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Hey all. I am writing because I am one month post op from my Chevron Bunionectomy with one screw. I am still bandaged with 2 ace bandages and a support shoe. Does anyone else find that their foot muscles and bones feel very condensed and crushed? I mean I still have very minimal swelling...just around the surgical site. I can leave my foot down for several hours without any noticable swelling. but when I bear partial weight on my heel, I can feel my foot trying to expand through the bandages. Its bothersome. The doc said I could. He also said I could use the crutches as a support walker but only using my heel. I find it frustrating. Again, I have zero pain. Also, due to the ace bandages being wrapped about 4 inches above my ankle, its snug. And When I scratch inside the ace bandage, my skin it indented from where it is wrapped. Will this slow the blood flow from my foot if it is down? if so, isnt blood flow essential for nutrients to be delivered to my bones and joint help enable proper healing? I can feel my toes and all and wiggle them some what. But I notice my 3rd and 4th toe are pins and needles when I touch them. I frequently check just to make sure they do not look blue or anything. they are normal skin color. It is just my whole foout feels very squished inside this bandage cause some pain in my foot other than my surgical site which has no pain at all. I could use some professional and good advice. Preferably from someone who has healed from this procedure.


Hey everyone. everything is going great so far. My doc came to my home this morning on his way to the office with coffee!!! how cool is that. Anyways, he reminded me about my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a boot. I do have PWB at the moment. I can definetly do with out the crutches and looking forward to what he says tomorrow, I will keep you updated.