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I had a rt foot bunionectomy w/ osteotomy on June 1, 2009. I have what still looks like a bunion bump that doesn't look to much different than the other foot that hasn't had surgery! I have seen the xrays, so I know there is no bump left there. Is it possible it is all still swollen - even when I get up 1st thing in the morning?

When I went to the foot ortho for foot pain, he suggested I should consider surgery because they will only get worse.

Also, at that time my big toe was drastically pointing right - in toward, and would sit a bit under, the second toe. The second toe would be raised slightly because of it and I would get blisters and calluses on the top of the 2nd toe. I was led to believe that after the surgery this would be corrected also, but it actually seems worse now! For the first month 1/2 after surgery I had wear an ace bandage wrapped in a way that helped to keep my big toe straighted. Obviously that didn't help. After the wrap came off to do my toe excercises the toe would go right back over to the right.

I thought I read somewhere that something had to be done with the tendons as well to get the big toe to straighten up a bit. Does that sound right?

I am just really discouraged to not see any changes after going through all this!

Please let me know if anyone else out there has this problem and if I should be concerned that my dr didn't doing everything he was suppose to do while he was "in there".

Thanks in advance for your responses!




Hi there. HOnestly, without being able to see it (and you don't have to show us pics, just saying!) it is hard to tell you this. What i think that you should do instead is talk to another doctor. That's the best way to be sure that you are getting consistent information and getting the best possible care. Does that help/make sense? Let me know okay?