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I have a severe bunion and am plannning for surgery.

I've spoken to 2 orthopedic surgeons.

Both agree on using the scarf/akins procedure.

One says no weight bearing for 2 wks. He uses the 'kneewalker/rollabout', where the foot has no contact with the floor at all.

The other says within a few days i can use the surgical shoe and walk on the heel using crutches/walker.

My concern here is, the drs opinions are so different.

Can someone give an opinion on their non-weight bearing time??

Thanks. 8-|


I had bunion surgery just 9 days ago. My doctor told me that I would be non weight bearing for 2 weeks. He told me on the 2nd day post op that I could bear weight on the heel and only the heel until after the 2 weeks. Hope that helps.


to PiggyGirl who started this thread;
what region or country are you in?
I am in Western USA, and planning to travel to the East Coast USA to have the Scarf-Akin. I've looked at a lot of options and it seems the best. No one here does it. My doc in the East Coast does say it is important to be as much NON WEIGHT-BEARING for the first two weeks; i.e. hobble wearing surgical boots & crutches to the bathroom as necessary and try to stay off it the rest of the time. By week three, he advises it will be possible to wear gym shoes and have occasional weight bearing; not to over-do it, because swelling is counter-productive to healing. I look forward to hearing more about your experience. did you have it done yet?