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My child is 3 years old and has cold chills for the last 4 days, nothing makes her warm. She has no temperature, is constipated and cries all the time saying she is cold? She had bilateral ear infection a week ago which was treated with amoxillin. What could the possible diagnosis be? The doctors do nothing here unless one has a fever!!!!! Please help!


Hello lorna


Maybe these chills are just consequence of that ear infection and strong antibiotics and I believe that the doctors can’t ignore this.  

Did you try to tell them what is going on or you are just presuming how will they react? In my opinion it would be wise to bother them or to go to the ER and wait until someone agrees to see you and determine what is wrong with your baby. You are concerned mother who has every right to know what to do to help her child.


Please let us know did you manage to do anything and how is your child now. I hope everything turned out just fine and that nothing serious was in question.