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My niece that is 4 weeks old is having problems having a soft BM come out. She strains and cries and nothing. We have helped her by using vaseline and Qtip around her rectum and it helps relieve gas and she will have a BM. We have only done this three times, and are concerned why she is having a hard time moving her bowels when they are quite loose. She is not constipated or it would be hard. She has never had over three BMs a day from birth. Now it is down to one a day and if no help, it can be another day. I just wanted to know what this could be? She cries alot when trying, so it is hurting, but why? She is fussy when she doesnt go or trying, which could be all day and night..The doctor has been of no help.
Aunt B


It could be the muscles of the anus may not be strong enough or coordinated enough to eliminate the stool easily. Some speculate that babies who lie down while passing stools get no help from gravity.

Is she being breast fed or on formula? Baby's that are breast fed sometimes have a harder time pooping than formula fed and it doesn't have to do with it being soft or hard. Try putting 1 tbsp Karo Syrup in the bottle when you feed her and that may help relax the stomach muscles and relieve gas as well.

you can also lay her down flat on the floor and move her legs like she is petaling a bicycle to relax her muscles and hopefully start pooping more easily. She will start to only have 1 BM a day after she is a month old but once she starts eating cereal that will change. may also want to try butting a little cereal in her bottle if the Karo Syrup doesnt work dont use to much as she is not old enough to have alot.